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Disclaimer –  Conditions  of  use   and  privacy  policy   of  the web portal  wifi.brussels

The  provisions  below  are  intended  to  define  the  conditions  under  which  Paradigm grants access to the web portal.

This web portal is an initiative of Paradigm, parastatal “A” created by Article 27 of the Law of 21 August 1987 amending the law organising the metropolitan districts and  federations  of  municipalities  and  laying  down  provisions  on  the  Brussels-Capital  Region, whose registered offices are at avenue des Arts 21, 1000 Brussels.

1. Acceptance of the general conditions of use

Paradigm grants  access  to  this  website  (wifi.brussels)  and  the  information  contained  therein provided you accept, without reserve, the conditions mentioned on this page “Conditions of use”. By  consulting  the  website  (wifi.brussels)  and  the  information  therein,  you  agree  to  these conditions. Paradigm reserves the right to amend the conditions without notice.

2. Use of the web portal

The content of this website (wifi.brussels) is made available solely for the purpose of providing general information on the free Wi-Fi in Brussels.

The content of this web portal may only be used in connection with the services offered on the website and for your personal use. This website may not serve as the basis for any evaluation of Paradigm and may not under any circumstances bind or be enforced against Paradigm. Nothing on  the  website  may  be  considered  as  an  offer  to  purchase  or  provide  services  or  conclude  a contract.

The  user  undertakes  to  use  the  web  portal  in  compliance  with  all  legal  and/or  contractual provisions.  The  user  may not  use  it  in  any  way  that  might  harm  the  interests  of  Paradigm,  its suppliers and/or its partners.

3.  Warranties  and  limits  of  responsibility  for  the  use  of  the website

In  general,  Paradigm  may  not  under  any  circumstances  be  held  liable  for  direct  or  indirect damage, or for any other damages of any kind whatsoever, resulting from the use of the website (wifi.brussels) or the inability to use it for any reason whatsoever, regardless of whether or not this liability is contractual, tortious or quasi-tortious, or is based on strict or other liability, even if Paradigm has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

3.1. Information

Paradigm shall make all reasonable efforts to publish information on its website  (wifi.brussels) that to the best of its knowledge is up to date. It does not guarantee the adequacy, accuracy or completeness  of  such  information  or  warrant  that  the  above-mentioned  website  shall  be continually  complete  and  up  to  date  in  every  respect.  The  information  on  this  web  portal  may include inaccuracies of content, technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. This information is provided for guidance and is subject to periodic changes.  Paradigm may make, improvements and/or changes to this web portal at any time and without notice.

Use of this website, and consequently information obtained, or items downloaded when using the service, is the sole responsibility of the user. Paradigm disclaims any liability for damages that may result from the use of the information on this website.
The  user  further  acknowledges  that  he  is  solely  responsible  for  any  damage  to  his  computer system or any loss of data resulting from the download of any content.

3.2. Access to the web portal

This  website  is  provided  on  the  basis  of  a  service  that  is  “as  is”  and  accessible  according  to availability. Paradigm cannot guarantee that the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free, that the results obtained using the service will be accurate and/or reliable, that defects in the software used, if any, will be subject to correction.

3.3. Hypertext links

This website (wifi.brussels) contains hypertext links to other sites and referrals to other sources of information provided for guidance only. Paradigm does not check these sites or the information contained  on  them,  and  therefore  cannot  provide  any  guarantee  as  to  the  quality  and/or completeness of such information.

Paradigm assumes no responsibility for any improper, unlawful or illegal content present on the hyperlinks and from damage resulting from their consultation.

If you wish to create a hypertext link from your site to the Paradigm’s website, we encourage you to contact  the  webmaster  (communication@paradigm.brussels)  first,  who  will  inform  you  as  soon  as possible of the eligibility of your request.

3.4. Actions of internet users

Paradigm will in no way be held responsible for the actions of internet users.

4. Intellectual property rights

All   material   and   information   available   on   the   web   portal   (wifi.brussels),   along   with   their compilation  and  arrangement  (text,  photographs,  images,  icons,  videos,  software,  databases, data, etc.) are protected by the intellectual property rights of Paradigm.

The names and logos of Paradigm that appear on the website are protected trademarks and/or trade names. The trademarks of the web portal (wifi.brussels) may not be used in connection with any product or service other than those of this web portal or Paradigm, in any manner whatsoever likely to  create  confusion among  consumers  or  in a  way  that  would  disparage  or  discredit  Paradigm.

Except where explicitly authorised in this connection, the user may not under any circumstances copy,  reproduce,  translate,  represent,  modify,  transmit,  publish,  adapt,  distribute,  broadcast, license,  transfer,  sell,  on  any  medium  or  by  any  means  whatsoever,  or  exploit  in  any  way whatsoever, all or part of this website without the prior written consent of Paradigm. Any violation may result in civil and criminal prosecution.

5. Policy on the protection of privacy

5.1. Principles

The web portal wifi.brussels is anxious to adapt to the new digital realities and the new provisions of European law.

The  web  portal  (wifi.brussels)  has  complied  with  Regulation  (EU)  2016/679  of  the European Parliament  and  of  the  Council  of  27  April  2016  on  the  protection  of  natural  persons  with regard  to  the  processing  of  personal  data  and  on  the  free  movement  of  such  data,  and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

This  Regulation  strengthens  the  rights  of  European  citizens and gives  them  more  control  over their personal data, in particular by providing a unified legal framework.
Paradigm, publisher of the web portal (wifi.brussels), has defined a clear and precise policy to protect personal data in accordance with the legal provisions on the subject.

This section answers the following questions about the use of your personal data:

5.2. Who is responsible for processing your personal data?

The party responsible for processing your personal data collected in the context of the wifi.brussels network offer is Paradigm, having its registered office at 21, Avenue des Arts, 1000 Brussels, registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0240.678.477 (hereinafter “Paradigm”).

Paradigm has appointed IRISNET SCRL as its subcontractor for the daily management of the network.

5.3 What personal data are collected and for what purpose(s)?

Strictly  speaking,  Paradigm  doesn’t  collect  any  personal  data  as  the  editor  of  the  website wifi.brussels,
The personal data collected during your registration for wifi.brussels are:
the MAC address of the mobile device you use to connect to the wifi.brussels network;
the mobile number you provide for your registration to the wifi.brussels network.
The application wifi.brussels, which is managed by IRISnet, collects these data with the following aims:
providing the service
solving technical issues
complying with legal obligations for suppliers of public, electronic communication networks for the identification and authentication within the service 
Suppliers of public electronic communication networks must guarantee that the final user can be identified (Law of 19 September 2013 – Royal decree implementing article 126 of the law of 13 June 2005).

Collection of these data is obligatory and indispensable when registering for and making use of the service.

5.4. Who can give his consent?

The user confirms his acceptance and gives his clear, explicit and unequivocal consent for the processing of his data.
To do so, the user will make an “express declaration” via the electronic form by way of consent. The user has the right to withdraw his consent at any time, without this affecting the lawfulness of
the processing based on the consent given before the withdrawal of said consent.

By using the services of the site wifi.brussels the user declares, in accordance with Belgian and European civil law, that he is competent to exercise his rights, or – if he is a minor – that he has obtained the prior valid consent of his parents or legal guardians.

Paradigm protects the privacy of minors and encourages parents or legal guardians to become actively involved in their children’s online activities.

Minors  under  13  years  of  age  may  under  no  circumstances  give  their  own  consent  to  the processing of their personal data for the purposes of using this site.

For minors aged 13 to 16, parental consent must be obtained.

Paradigm cannot be held liable if the services would be used without the above supervision and permission.

5.5. Who is the recipient of the personal data?

The collected and processed personal data are reserved for the exclusive use of the controller. Such data will be transferred to a third party to ensure continuity of service or compliance with legal obligations only. Under no circumstances will they be transferred to a State outside the European Union.

5.6. What processing undergo your personal data?

The user’s data will be used in a lawful, fair and transparent manner for the direct processing of his  requests,  messages  or  actions  in  which  he  participates  via  the  website or as part of the wifi.brussels service.  They  will  be processed  in  such  a  way  as  to  guarantee  appropriate  security  of  personal  data,  including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against loss. The registered data will be saved as long as necessary to guarantee the provision of the service and thereafter for a period of one (1) year at each connection.

5.7.  What rights can you exercise over the data concerning you?

In accordance with the European Regulation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of  personal data and on the free movement of such data, the user has full legibility on the processing of his data.

The user may assert the rights granted to him/her below by sending a signed and dated request to the controller, accompanied by a copy of both sides of his/her identity card, which he/she gives on the spot or which he/she sends by post to the following address – Privacy – Paradigm – Avenue des Arts, 21 – 1000 Brussels – or by mail to privacy@paradigm.brussels.
If you are not satisfied with a response to a request regarding your personal data, you can email our Data Protection Officer: dpo@paradigm.brussels

or  send  a  letter  to  the  following  address:  Data  Protection  Officer, Paradigm,  Avenue  des  Arts,  21,
1000 Bruxelles.

    5.7.1. Right of access

The user of the web portal has the right to obtain from the data controller the disclosure, in an intelligible form, of the data undergoing processing, together with any information available on the origin of such processing.

The information shall be supplied without delay and no later than forty-five days after receipt of the request.

    5.7.2. Right to rectification

The user may, without charge, have rectified any inaccurate personal data pertaining to him and also have rectified or deleted any personal data concerning him which, taking into account the reason for the processing, is incomplete or not relevant or whose recording, disclosure or storage is prohibited, or which has been retained beyond the authorised period.

Any rectifications or erasures of data requested must be notified, by the data controller, within one month of the request being submitted, to the user as well as to those persons to whom the incorrect, incomplete and irrelevant data were forwarded, unless  notification to these recipients proves impossible or involves disproportionate effort.

    5.7.3. Right to object

The  user  has  the  right  to  object,  for  serious  and  legitimate  grounds  relating  to  a  particular situation, to the data concerning him being processed unless they are collected to comply with a legal obligation, if they are necessary for the performance of a contract to which the user is a party or if they are used for a purpose for which the user has undoubtedly given his consent.
In  the  event  of  justified  opposition,  the  processing implemented  by the  data  controller  may no longer involve those data.

    5.7.4. Right to data portability

The data subject shall have the right to receive the personal data concerning him or her, which he or she has provided to a controller, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and  have  the  right  to  transmit  those  data  to  another  controller  without  hindrance  from  the controller to which the personal data have been provided, where:
a) the processing is based on consent or on a contract ;
b) the processing is carried out by automated means.

5.7.5. Right to be forgotten and right to restriction of processing

The user has the right to have his personal data deleted.  He also has the right to have the use of his personal data limited.  In either case, the conditions laid down by the regulation must be met.

The data protection policy does not prejudice the rights of Paradigm with respect to certain users vis-à-vis  whom  a  contract,  the  law  or  any other  document  of  a  contractual,  regulatory or  legal nature authorises more extensive operations. In this case, the standard most favourable to Paradigm applies.

5.8. How are cookies used?

The  website  (wifi.brussels)  aims  to  inform  visitors  of  the  use  of  what  the  law  describes  as “information  stored  in  the  terminal  equipment  of  an  end  user”,  more  commonly  known  as “cookies”.

A cookie is a file sent by the server of the web site (wifi.brussels) that is recorded on the hard drive  of  your  computer  and  which  keeps  track  of  the  website  visited  and  contains  a  certain amount of information relating to this visit.

The user may refuse to allow cookies to be installed on his computer by configuring his browser accordingly. However, this refusal may prevent access to some of the services on the website.

The  website  (wifi.brussels)  uses  the  services  of  Google  Analytics  to  analyse  the  visits  and behaviour of users of its site.

Statistical  cookies  allow  the  website  (wifi.brussels)  to  establish,  for  example,  the  number  of visitors, their geographical location, their route to the site (how they accessed it, via which page, the pages that followed in their session and the page via which they left the site), the time of the visit, etc. These cookies are anonymous and may exist for up to 2 years.

5.9. What security measures are taken to protect your data?

5.9.1. Quality

The   website   (wifi.brussels)   shall   exercise   due   diligence   to   correct   or   delete   inaccurate, incomplete, irrelevant or prohibited data, and also to keep such data up to date.

5.9.2. Confidentiality

The website (wifi.brussels) shall ensure firstly that persons working under its authority only have access to and can only process data they require for the performance of their duties or which are essential to operational requirements, and secondly that these same persons are informed of the principles and requirements of the Law on the protection of privacy with respect to the processing of personal data and its implementing decrees.

5.9.3. Security

To ensure the security of personal data, the website (wifi.brussels) has put in place appropriate technical   and   organisational   security   measures   against   the   accidental   or   unauthorised destruction, accidental loss, modification, access and any other unauthorised processing of the information received on its web portal.

The  measures  taken  are  of  an  appropriate  level  of  protection  taking  into  account  the  costs involved  in  their  application,  the  state  of  the  art  in  this  area  and  the  nature  of  the  data  to  be protected and the potential risks.

5.10. Records of processing activities?

In accordance with article 30 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the  Council  of  27  April  2016  on  the  protection  of  natural  persons  with  regard  to  the processing  of  personal  data  and  on  the  free  movement  of  such  data,  and  repealing Directive 95/46/EC  (General  Data  Protection  Regulation),  Paradigm  keeps  records  of  the personal data processing activities.

5.11. Right to lodge a complaint?

If  the  user  considers  that  the  personal  data  have  been  processed  in  a  manner  that  is  not  in conformity  with  the  European  Regulation,  he  may  lodge  a  complaint,  free  of  charge,  with  the
supervisory authority in the event of difficulties encountered in exercising of the above rights or of non-compliance with obligations arising from the Regulation.

The user also has a right of effective judicial remedy with regard to certain acts and decisions of the supervisory authority when it renders a legally binding decision or when it fails to inform the user within three months of the progress or outcome of his complaint.

6. Settlement of disputes, jurisdiction and applicable law

These conditions of use are governed by Belgian law and the European regulation. Any dispute arising out of or related to the use of this service will be subject to conciliation. If unsuccessful, the dispute shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of jurisdictional district of Brussels (Belgium).

A printed version of this agreement and any warning issued in electronic form will be accepted in any judicial or administrative proceedings arising out of or related to this agreement, to the same extent and under the same conditions as other commercial records and documents created and maintained in printed form.

7. Contacts

•    Paradigm – Avenue des Arts, 21 – 1000 Brussels
•    Email contact address: communication@paradigm.brussels
•    Email contact address for all questions/requests regarding personal rights: